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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Magellan Jets provides a tempting option which could be a split gift. For new members who purchase a 50 hours super midsize or heavy jet card membership, it is offering a choice of VIP packages to the Super Bowl, The Masters or The Kentucky Derby.

Falcon 2000

Your Private “In” to the Year’s Biggest Sports Events

Boston-based Magellan Jets is celebrating the end of the its 10th-year anniversary (it’s been celebrating quite a bit this year), and with the holidays upon us, it has introduced an end-of-year offer for new members. Those who purchase a 50-hour membership for a super-midsize or heavy aircraft by December 31 will get to attend one of the charter aircraft industry’s three biggest sporting events of the year: the Super Bowl, the Masters, or the Kentucky Derby.

Magellan Jets is adding “Big Game” sporting experiences for new members who buy 50-hour jet cards

With the purchase of a 50-hour membership on a super-mid or heavy aircraft by the end of the year, new members will have their choice of hospitality at the Super Bowl, Masters or Kentucky Derby

Magellan Jets: Creating Personalized Private Travel Experiences For High-End Clients

Today’s contemporary world is an ever-changing mix of technological advancements, and industries are struggling to keep pace with the speed at which customer demands are evolving. Several businesses are moving towards harnessing the power of technology such as conversational AI chatbot’s and other virtual assistants to manage the day-to-day flow of work. By 2020, it is estimated that about 85% of customer interactions will be managed by AI.

Corporate Membership Program Offered By Magellan Jets

The private jet provider has created a new membership program designed directly for corporations. It offers six categories of aircraft all at a fixed hourly price, available with as little as six hours’ notice.

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Touring colleges is already expensive. This new service offers a $25,000 luxury version.

The ability to go on lengthy road trips and tour a slew of colleges has been made to seem like a normal part of the college application process. Really, though, it’s a privilege: In many cases, families must be able to take multiple days off from work, and also pay for transportation, lodging, and food in every single college town they visit.

Magellan Jets, St. Barth Properties Add St. Barth Package

After Hurricane Irma devastated the island of St. Barth last year, Magellan Jets and St. Barth Properties have partnered up to help the island bounce back. Magellan Jets will serve as the preferred private jet provider to the island as travel to St. Barth picks up approaching the holiday season and beyond.

Celebrating their 10th year in business in 2018, Magellan Jets has regularly flown to St. Barth, so the partnership with the team of villa specialists at St. Barth Properties was an ideal fit, the airline said.

New private jet service for ultra-rich prospective students has noses out of joint

The college tour is something of a tradition for American families. Parents drive their teenagers from campus to campus hoping to find the ideal academic institution.

But for the ultra-rich, there is an alternative to spending hours on the American highways – albeit at an eye-watering price.

Companies are now offering luxury college tours by private jet with clients being flown around the country, in some cases accompanied by a dedicated admissions counsellor.

Joshua Hebert - Magellan Jets

Air Charter Safety Foundation Names Joshua Hebert Vice Chairman

BOSTON, MA – September 27, 2018 — The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) recently announced Joshua Hebert, Founder and CEO of Magellan Jets, as the new ACSF Vice-Chairman.

For years the ACSF has served as the only non-commercial resource to the business, charter and fractional ownership industry. Joshua Hebert joins a board of directors comprised of industry thought leaders and influencers at the ACSF with a common vision of continuously improving the levels of safety and security for everyone. The goal is to continue to set the bar for a single, elevated, and uncompromising level of safety that every operator should aspire to attain and every passenger and crew-member should come to expect.

US Brokers named in Inc 5000

Magellan Jets has been ranked 3,737th in the 37th annual list of the Inc. 5000. a ranking of the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment – its independent small businesses. This is the sixth time Magellan Jets has made the list. Not only does this put it in the Inc. Hall of Fame, but it places it in a group of only 193 companies from the 5,000 companies on the 2018 list that have ever achieved this.

Anthony Tivnan On The Past Ten Years Of Private Aviation

It’s hard to imagine, looking back 10 years ago from today, that the US was on the horizon of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. To say that the past decade in the private aviation market has been a roller-coaster ride is an immense understatement. The aftermath of the downturn has resulted in a variety of changes for aviation companies, including shifts in business models, businesses shutting their doors and overall consolidation. Additionally, we can’t forget today’s most popular buzzword in private travel: Uberization.

Safe, Specific, Superior Service : Magellan Jets

Just a decade ago, Joshua Hebert established Magellan Jets with the aim of changing the private travel experience through a purely private, personalized customer approach and unwavering commitment to safety. Hebert began his career in investment banking on Wall Street at Shearson Ledman Brothers, moving on to Sand Brothers and then Paine Weber (today UBS). He subsequently transitioned to advertising, leading the marketing team at America City Business Journals.

For US $57,000, You Can Go College Hunting By Private Jet

Summer is approaching and for some of us, that means college hunting season is here.

Those considering university in the US may already be planning their trips to catch as many universities as possible. From long drives across barren highways to campus tours under the hot sun, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a stress-free way to do all this?

Enter Boston-based air charter service, Magellan Jets, and their 10-hour jet card for college tours. As their website states, now you can see “UCLA, Duke, Yale… All in one weekend”. Starting at just US$57,000, you can now literally fly through your college tours.

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Magellan Jets Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With 10-Hour Private Jet Cards

Founded in July 2008 by longtime friends Joshua Hebert, Anthony Tivnan and Gregory Belezerian, Boston-based Magellan Jets is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year by offering 10-hour Jet Cards for new members, available in specific windows.

Magellan Jets Celebrates A Decade of Success


Magellan Jets is celebrating their 10-year anniversary in 2018 after a historic decade of unprecedented success.

Founded in July 2008 by longtime friends Joshua Hebert, Anthony Tivnan and Gregory Belezerian, the Massachusetts natives set out to change the private travel experience through a purely private, personalized customer approach and an unwavering commitment to safety.


Magellan Jets Celebrates A Decade of Success with Unprecedented Renewal Rates and a Special 10 Hour Card

BOSTON, MA – March 14, 2018 – Magellan Jets is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2018 after a historic decade of unprecedented success. Founded in July 2008 by longtime friends Joshua Hebert, Anthony Tivnan and Gregory Belezerian, the Massachusetts natives set out to change the private travel experience through a purely private, personalized customer approach and an unwavering commitment to safety.

Super Bowl Fans Opt For Private Jet To Avoid Cold

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. – Minneapolis has many charms, but with Super Bowl week temperatures as low as minus-7 degrees, some visitors are in no mood to stick around to discover them.

The biggest boom market for the big game revolves around ways to help wealthy fans get in and out of town as soon as possible after the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles do battle Sunday.

The Friendly (Private) Skies

The new year initiates a barren stretch of winter when to escape the monotonous gloom, our heads float to the clouds — or above them — soaring away in a jet to a beach somewhere warm. In luxury.

For the bona fide jet-setters, charter flight companies such as Boston-based Magellan Jets have made the plane-procuring process as easy as pie — in the sky. Still, there’s confusion among those looking to book a holiday in the sun and sand.  The steel drums of the Caribbean may be calling, but vacationers remain reticent to commit.

Global 5000 wet runway

Best Charter Of The City


Like the original globe circler for which it is named. Magellan Jets forged new routes in international travel. The Quincy-based aviation expert leads efficiency and luxury in private jet-setting with its top fleet of aircraft – like the $12,800-per hour Gulfstream G450 that seats 16 and sleeps six, where premium catering packages rise to $90,000 for 200-hour memberships. A new Bespoke program, announced alongside a brick-and mortar membership center on Nantucket, lets frequent fliers entirely customize their own jet card online, while parents trotting teens on university campus tours can opt for 10-hour increments (starting at $43,500), including arranged meet-and-greets with high-profile alumni. 

The only uncensored guide on creating an environment that engages millennials you’ll ever need

I’m a Gen-Xer who has raised millennials alongside my peers, and I understand how they’re different and where some of the departures come from. I was taught early on that hard work meant long hours to create opportunities. Millennials, though, take the task at hand and find the smartest route to get the job done most efficiently instead, saving what they value most: time.

I’ve heard so much about how millennials should be managed. It’s an important topic, as the majority of our employees fall into that demographic. But making them feel a part of the company isn’t about “managing through” their perceived weaknesses. It’s about understanding their strengths and creating an environment they can thrive in.

Living the High Life

If Tom Brady & Co. do their part, Patriots fans can soar in style with up to 12 friends to Minnesota for Super Bowl LII thanks to Magellan Jets’ Super Bowl package ($66,750 for 6-7 people; $157,425 for 1o-13 people). Not only does the Quincy-headquartered company provide transportation to and from the game, but there’s also tailgate-in-the-sky service complete with your game-day favorites and decorated in the style of your preferred team—so lots of Flying Elvis, obviously. This year, passengers can also enjoy Triple Eight Distillery’s Notch 15-year whiskey (only available on-site at the Nantucket distillery) during the Super Bowl flights.

Nine Over-The-Top Gifts For The Millionaire Who Has Everything


Forget flying coach. Gift the millionaire in your life the chance to summon a private jet on-demand with Magellan Jets’ 15 Hour card. The card guarantees access to a plane with on as little as eight hours notice and comes with a Frette robe, Revo aviator sunglasses, and a Montblanc Summit smartwatch.

Magellan Jets Announces Their Top Seven Caribbean Islands That Are Open for Business this Winter

Magellan Jets is gearing up for their busiest time of the year – peak travel season is already in full swing and a lot of customers are asking if their favorite Caribbean destinations are welcoming travelers this winter.  85% of them are now open and these are the top seven spots Magellan Jets customers are booking their travel to:

Magellan Jets Announces Top Seven Caribbean Island Flights Out Of The Hamptons

Magellan Jets, a private aviation provider that offers jet-specific memberships and on-demand charter services is gearing up for their busiest time of the year – peak travel season is already in full swing and many customers are asking if their favorite Caribbean destinations are welcoming travelers this winter out of Hamptons airports. These are the top seven destinations that are running after hurricane season that Magellan Jets are flying to; Anguilla, Bahamas, Bermuda, Dominican Republic, St. Kitts, Turks & Caicos and The Cayman Islands.


Magellan Jets’ Corporate Membership Program Removes the Financial Guesswork from Your Private Aviation Budget

The new Corporate Membership Program from Magellan Jets promises to please one particular member of a company’s C-suite, even if he or she doesn’t take a single flight aboard a business jet provided through the program. “This is a CFO’s dream aviation solution,” says Anthony Tivnan, the president of Magellan Jets, a membership and on-demand charter company based just outside Boston.

The One Way Ticket Show; Magellan Jets President & Co-Owner, Anthony Tivnan

Anthony Tivnan, President and Co-Owner of Magellan Jets, was solidified as a major player in the world of private aviation long before the company’s launch in 2008.  In 2002, a novice to the aviation industry, Anthony made his mark at Jets International. As a member of the sales team, he was quick to become a leader and mentor. After years of leadership and record-breaking sales history, Anthony was eventually appointed as the Executive Vice President. He also managed their retail sales department and sales teams in both Massachusetts and New York City.


What’s New With Private Jet Cards? To Start, Amazon, Bitcoin, Superyacht Charters and WiFi

Private jet cards sellers say their programs are the closest you can get to the experience of owning your own jet or a fractional share of a private aircraft without the commitments of doing so. The rationale is since each card program has its own sourcing standards and policies, you get a more consistent experience than on-demand charter. Brokers will tell you that you pay more for jet cards, although in my research I haven’t found that to necessarily be true. Of course, there is nothing to stop jet card members from shopping specific trips with brokers and getting the best of both worlds. Perhaps that’s why the number of companies selling jet cards keeps multiplying, with over 30 by my count, more than half launched in the past decade.

Red Carpet

Magellan Jets Rolls Out Multiple 4th Quarter Jet Card Membership Offers

Promotionally minded Magellan Jets is rolling out a number of promotions valid now through December 31, 2017. The jet card broker also says it has enhanced its Bespoke Individual Membership feature on its website enabling users to “create” their own jet card. Magellan recently introduced a new corporate jet card program targeting businesses that need over 100 hours per year in charters. That initiative was first reported here by Private Jet Card Comparisons. All Magellan jet card products have guaranteed availability and rates.


On-Demand Charter Company Magellan Jets Gets Super Personal

In a conference room at Magellan Jets’ headquarters in downtown Quincy, Mass., just south of Boston, president Anthony Tivnan recalls how he and CEO Joshua Hebert first ventured into the private-aviation business with a web-based charter-­brokerage company—and how that company went through some name changes. “We started that business around 16 years ago,” recalls Tivnan. “We called it Bid Jet Charter. But think about a couple Boston guys calling around to prospective clients saying, ‘Hey, it’s Anthony and Joshua from Bid Jet Charter.’ People would say, ‘What? Chowder? What are you talking about, Chowder?’ We decided, all right, that’s not working.” Bid Jet Charter soon became Charter Auction, but that didn’t help much. “Eventually,” Tivnan said, “ became the name.” (Companies called Charter Auction and are operating today, but they have no connections to Tivnan and Hebert or the company they founded.)

Magellan Jets To Launch New Corporate Membership Jet Card Program


Boston-based Magellan Jets says revenues grew by nearly 120% over the past two years powered by travel from business accounts. The new programs provide access to Light Jet up to ultra-long haul Heavy Jets. A key benefit is the ability to use multiple aircraft on the same day and the target customer is looking for 100 hours of flight activity annual.